The Plant

The integrated plant with a production capacity of 350 Tonnes per day of high quality Cut pack Copier paper and printing / writing papers. The pulp mill is equipped with state-of-the-art continuous digesters and chlorine dio-oxide bleaching for producing high brightness pulp (85% plus ISO) with high strength

  • We use raw material mix of predominantly bagasse and straw.
  • Have a chemical recovery section.
  • A modern effluent treatment plant makes the project highly environment friendly. Bindals papers has adopted ZLD and installed a RO plant with the capacity of 4.4 MLD at final treated effluent. RO permeate in being used in the process replacing raw water.
  • The plant also has a 20 MW Co-generation facility to ensure uninterrupted captive power supply.
The paper machine has a trim width of 5 meters and an operating speed going up to 800 M/min has been designed by the Internationally renowned paper machinery manufacturers, Walmsley-Beloit. For Technological edge the machine is equipped with a Top Former, Hydraulic Head box, Tri-nip press, film press, soft calendar, backed by QCS and DCS. The state-of-the-art Paper machine is backed by an equally modern Converting section to provide customers high quality reels or sheets. A contemporary A4 Line will guarantee production of international quality cut-size branded papers.