Our Vision, Mission & Values


Set New Benchmarks to provide the Best Value to all Stakeholders through Excellence in Product Quality, Customer Service, Productivity in all areas of the Organization, Responsibility towards environment including Cost and best practices in Human Resource Management.


Create an Organisational Culture that promotes Excellence through Visionary Leadership to its People who are always recognized for continual improvement to remain ahead of competition. Beyond this, the following should enable the Company to establish its Market Leadership position:

  • Customer should be central to all key Management decisions.
  • Focus on Quality of Management of all the Business Processes - raw material procurement, manufacturing, product quality, including product development, marketing, employee management, financial planning to IT systems, including Productivity of all Resources, Cost Management and Marketing should be harnessed to deliver the highest Value to all its Stakeholders.


  • Premium on Performance and Integrity (professional and personal)
  • Concern for People who are treated as the Organisations ’most valuable Asset, with each Individual accorded the highest Respect
  • Create a Transparent and Professional work Environment across the Whole Organization.
  • Continuing Contribution to the Socio- Economic Development of the Underprivileged sections of Society.
  • Be a Responsible Corporate Citizen of India by being fully committed to the Environment.